Nessie in Lake Norman


More than a mere storefront of pop culture keepsakes, Crazy Cool Collectibles is my own personal museum. A shrine to slashers and superheroes. Where casual and diehard fans alike can browse, buy, trade, and sell – or simply kick back and soak in a treasure trove of Crazy Cool Collectibles 25 years in the making. 


Buying, selling, and trading Collectibles  

  • We are always buying your collectibles
  • We sell new and used collectibles
  • We always welcome your collectibles for trade

Safe meeting place for online buying, selling, or trading

  • Meeting a stranger offline to conduct personal collectible business? Crazy Cool Collectibles is always a safe place to meet and do business, inside or outside of the store. 

Off site and after-hours free assessment consultations 

  • Looking to sell your collectibles but you don’t want to load them all up and bring them in the store? We will come to you to assess your collection as a free service. 

Selling Assistance

  • Interested in selling your collectible or just want to know the value, bring it into the store and we will provide information, advice, and assistance as a free service.

Booth Rental (Will be offered soon)

  • Want to set up a booth at my store during an event? For a small fee, you’ll have a dedicated spot in the back parking lot for an advertised event with other vendors, and you can sell your collectibles directly to our customers.
Inventory Inventory Inventory
  • Any questions or quests to find that ever so special treasure?

  • Let us help you! Drop in on our shop, call us, send us a homing pigeon or complete the form below and we will be happy to help you anytime.